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growth-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs

Our ideal clients have ambitious goals to grow, scale, or expand their business but are feeling stuck.

What they need:

  • Assistance developing a strategy and aligning their leadership team with a common purpose.
  • Help with designing systems and processes – bringing order to chaos and complexity, both internal and external.
  • Support to align multiple stakeholders – build coalitions, collaborations, partnerships and alliances – often across country borders.
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We have extensive experience in aviation & aerospace, transport & logistics, and high-tech B2B businesses, including software, niche electronics, and specialty materials.

the Quadruple Bottom Line
for sustainable value creation

Our innovative approach is designed specifically for growth-minded leaders and entrepreneurs and maps to the Quadruple Bottom Line for sustainable value creation: Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit.


“North Star” Leadership

Create a culture and focus that is guided by a purpose – the company’s “why” – and a strong set of core values to deliver on the vision


Scalable Internal Workings

A scalable business has a strong foundation in its people and the systems, processes, and structure they create to handle the complexities of growth without losing agility and the ability to innovate.


External Environment

A successful business engages its external stakeholders and endeavours to reduce its ecological footprint through sustainable business practices, while providing products and services that meet societal expectations.


Financial Bottom Line

A successful business generates sustained cash flow and profitability to fuel growth and scale.

Built an eco-system of stakeholders to position Unifly as a preferred technology partner

Eugene Hoeven is a strategic thinker and natural connector and has been of great help in getting Unifly in front of decision-makers who require an unmanned traffic management (UTM) solution to safely integrate drones into the airspace. During the term of our engagement, Eugene advocated on our behalf and supported us in building an ecosystem of stakeholders with an interest in UTM – including Transport Canada, NAV CANADA, drone operators and other solutions and service providers. This ultimately positioned Unifly as a preferred technology partner to provide the UTM platform on behalf of NAV CANADA.”

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systems thinker, strategist, and relationship builder with a knack for navigating complex, multi-stakeholder issues

To ensure the health and resilience of your business, you need a strong base of leadership, people, systems, and processes.

I can help.

A 30+ year career in corporate and industry affairs, government and regulatory affairs, as well as finance and enterprise risk management. An accredited director and Certified Value Builder™ with an MBA from a top-ranking school. Lived, worked, and travelled extensively internationally.

Core competencies

Strategic visioning and action-planning, industry policymaking and communications, government and regulatory affairs, stakeholder relations management, issues and crisis management, risk and reputation management, change leadership and organisational development.


  • Achieved $6.875 million in cost savings and efficiency improvements for the organisations I have worked for; $3.02 billion in cost avoidance for the industries I have represented.
  • Helped emergent technology firms to grow in the aviation and aerospace sector, which included the establishment of the unmanned traffic management (UTM) ecosystem of stakeholders in Canada – Transport Canada, NAV CANADA, drone operators and manufacturers, and other technology providers.
  • Contributed to the sustainable growth of industry by communicating progressive policy positions at ICAO, a specialised agency of the United Nations, on a wide range of issues, while influencing the development of its international standards and recommended practices for air transport and air traffic management.
  • Helped NAV CANADA become one of the world’s most respected air navigation services providers by bringing together the user community to focus on cost effective services, flight efficiencies and good governance.
  • Supported the expansion of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines operations in Canada, including airport handling contract negotiations, airport facilities and passenger facilitation and security screening services, customs and immigration issues, and other compliance issues with government regulatory authorities.

My Views on Business

A successful business is a living organism

A system of systems – operating within a constantly evolving environment where change is the only constant.

Really successful businesses do the following:
  1. Connect – they make better use of information and resources, through the connections they establish, nurture, and develop. In other words, how they collaborate, when and when not to collaborate, and with whom they collaborate.
  2. Innovate – they are different in that they specialize and differentiate themselves, and meet customer needs and wants in new, unique, and creative ways.
  3. Grow – they experiment, learn and fail fast, and grow as a consequence, not necessarily in size or revenue, but in the richness of their experience and know-how – in the value they create for society.
Growth is largely a function of the extent and speed with which enabling technologies are used, adapted, and spread.

The most common causes of growth stalls are knowable and preventable. Increasing complexity – both internal and external – is the biggest reason businesses do not scale.

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