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At EH&A it is all about creating value. With over 25 years in the air transport, aviation and aerospace sector, we have been involved in a wide variety of projects and initiatives that have helped organizations improve their performance and drive profitability by managing risk and reputation.

Air transport is a growth business and companies in the aviation and aerospace sector will continue to experience growth opportunities. However, there are also intense pressures to drive revenues and cost efficiencies. To help your company grow in a sustainable way, you need a partner who understands the finer points of the sector. Through our in-depth understanding, we can help you create value in your organization and for your clients and stakeholders.


Strategy is at the core of what we do. Your strategy is your commitment to deliver value – the things you do for customers that no other company can do as well as you can. However, strategy alone is not enough. Execution is equally important, and depends on the many decisions made each day by people at every level of your organization. This is where we can help, by ensuring a close link between strategy and execution. This is how we work with leaders and their teams to develop strategies and executable plans that will deliver results and create value.

In support of this core offering, we provide the following services that are tailored to your needs:


Having a clear vision and sense of purpose that is supported by a sound business strategy to guide your decisions and actions is critical to your long-term growth. Aligning your team behind a vision is the first step towards a solid strategic plan that will help protect and strengthen your position in an increasingly competitive business environment.

We can help you understand your current situation and lay the foundation for your organisation’s future state. By helping you define the right goals for your organization, we can develop the strategies to achieve them, while ensuring that you have the right capabilities and resources in place to make it happen.


Ensuring that your organisation is “fit for purpose” to take on the challenges and opportunities it faces is essential to its future growth and sustainability. Your team’s ability to implement effective organizational change and build its capabilities on an ongoing, systematic basis will ensure your organisation keeps pace with today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment.

We can help you address complex organizational challenges so that you can create growth and profitability for your organization. In a collaborative approach, we help implement a strategic intent that will lift your organization to new levels of success.


Expanding into foreign markets can help you increase your sales and market share, expand your reach, and become a bigger player in your industry. It’s a major undertaking that requires due diligence to maximize your chances of success and mitigate your risks.

We can help you create business development opportunities for your organization. Our wealth of experience and extensive global network give us a thorough knowledge of the trends and issues that affect your business and will guide us in evaluating your potential, selecting your markets and developing your strategy.


Partnering is sometimes the best way to introduce innovation or expand into new markets, since it will allow your organization to leverage external expertise, technology, and intellectual property to expand the reach of your product or service offering without the need to invest in these capabilities with internal resources.

We can assist clients create growth through successful expansion into new geographic markets, namely in Canada, the United States and the European Union. We assist clients in creating and managing strategic partnerships and alliances with other organizations. We also can offer representation and liaison services, including the management of representative offices in Montreal.

EH&A can enhance your long-term capabilities while providing you with immediate assistance on current opportunities. Our role is that of strategist at the planning stage, facilitator of networking and key contacts, and project manager of the execution phase. Whether you are a corporate, institutional or government client, we can help you produce the results you are looking for, and achieve your strategic business objectives.