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Welcome to the VUCA Podcast

Welcome to the introductory episode of the brand new VUCA World Podcast with Eugene Hoeven!

We’ve had some great conversations in the past few months on the Aviation Innovation Podcast, hearing some great insight from leaders and innovators, the movers and shakers in the aviation field.

At the same time, we are living in a time of rapid and accelerating change, driven by globalization, hyper-connectivity, digitization, innovation and new technology, while at the same time we experience political and demographic change as well as environmental and societal pressures. These dynamics are creating disruption and a business context that can be characterized as VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous – which has implications for leadership and how we organize work and do business. The current COVID-19 pandemic certainly has borne that out.

In this introductory episode, Eugene Hoeven walks us through the concept of VUCA, setting the scene for conversations on how we can navigate our way through the crisis and the unprecedented impact it has had on the aviation industry and the business world as a whole.

In the meantime, stay tuned to the Aviation Innovation Podcast as we wrap up Season 1 in April and launch Season 2 when the world is again well into a recovery!

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“I have had the good fortune to work with Eugene Hoeven when he was with CANSO and the air traffic management (ATM) industry was grappling with what to do about the looming cyber threats and risks. Eugene quickly assembled a team of industry players to establish CANSO’s ATM Security Workgroup (ASWG) and within 6 months published the CANSO Cyber Security Risk Assessment Guide, which was well-received and highly praised as a resource for organizations on the practical steps they should take to develop resiliency in cyber security. Throughout the process, Eugene exhibited vision and leadership that resulted in the successful delivery of the project.”

“SADC has retained the services of EH&A for our business development activities in Canada to help grow the aerospace, MRO and logistics cluster for the Amsterdam Airport Area. Throughout this process, Eugene Hoeven has shown to be very responsive and supportive of our efforts – a natural connector and facilitator – that has resulted in a number of new relationships and leads for direct investment in the Netherlands.”

“I’ve known Eugene Hoeven from when NAV CANADA was created in 1996, and he represented the airline industry in the establishment of the service charges regime as the sole source of funding for the company. His leadership in bringing together the user community to focus on cost effective services and flight efficiencies helped lay the foundation for NAV CANADA to become one of the world’s most respected air navigation services providers. I was therefore only too happy to see Eugene move on to CANSO to represent the air navigation services industry at ICAO, where he continuously enhanced its reputation and influence in the international aviation community.”

“Eugene Hoeven is a strategic thinker and natural connector, and has been of great help in getting Unifly in front of decision-makers who require an unmanned traffic management (UTM) solution to safely integrate drones into the airspace. During the term of our engagement, Eugene advocated on our behalf and supported us in building an ecosystem of stakeholders with an interest in UTM – including Transport Canada, NAV CANADA, drone operators and other solutions and service providers. This ultimately positioned Unifly as a preferred technology partner to provide the UTM platform on behalf of NAV CANADA.”

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